The 5 Best Real Estate Lawyers in Miami

PostSince its first real estate boom in 1925, Miami has maintained its place among Florida’s most exciting and most complex real estate markets. Whether you are an investor, a small business owner, a homebuyer, a landlord or a tenant in Miami, access to a good real estate lawyer is critical to protecting your rights in a real estate transaction or in the face of a legal challenge.

Real estate lawyers are experts in legal matters related to the ownership and use of real property, a legal category referring to land and the buildings attached to it. Real estate lawyers may specialize in one or more subcategories of the law, so it is important to spend time searching for a lawyer who has the expertise and experience to handle your particular legal issue. Each of the lawyers listed has a long record of competent performance in the Miami area. However, while a record of relevant experience is important to identifying a potential lawyer, it is also critical to carry out additional research by speaking with several of your most-favored candidates in personview full post »